What Does Gland Mean?


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A gland is basically an organ that is found in the body. Glands generally perform the function of synthesizing of substances like hormones into the blood stream. Or sometimes even into cavities within the body and the exocrine gland.

Some of the various types of glands and their functions are; first, Endocrine Glands that usually exude their produce straight onto a surface. Second, is the Exocrine gland that exudes via a duct. These glands are further divided into three different parts, namely, Apocrine glands, Holocrine glands and Merocrine glands also known as eccrine. The kind of secretory produce of an Exocrine gland may also be; Serous glands that usually produce a watery, frequently protein-rich product. Second, is the Mucous glands, which secretes a sticky kind of product. This is generally very rich in carbohydrates. And the last one is Sebaceous glands that exude a lipid product.
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Glands are specific structures found in our bodies which synthesise and produce secretions such as hormones directly or indirectly into our blood stream.
For example endocrine and endocrine glands.
There are many glands in our body but the major gland is the pituitary gland that secretes many majority organs of our body.
Others may include adrenal glands etc.

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