What Does Lenticular Mean?


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Lenticular is the synonym of the word lentiform. Therefore it also means shaped like a double convex lens or a lentil. A lenticular figure is spherically convex on both sides; a depressed double convex figure. A lentiform nucleus is also known as lenticular nucleus. This word is used to explain several things like lenticular prints and lenticular lens.

Lenticular prints are those pictures that display one image when held at one angle and another image when tilted slightly. The principle behind these pictures is known as lenticular photography and was first used by Gabriel Lippman in the year 1908. Such techniques are used in 3-D imaging, movie posters and animations. These images have grown a lot and improved a lot from the time it was used for the first time. Thus lenticular is a combination of a special lens and an arrayed image that simulates animation or depth.

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