What Does Surface Tension Mean?


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Surface tension is a scientific term, especially related to Physics. As the name indicates, it is a force that acts on the surface of a liquid. The second term tension tries to convey the pulling or constriction of the surface area. Thus, surface tension is an elastic-force that reduces the area of the surface of a liquid by constricting or minimizing it. The molecules of a liquid are attracted towards each by its effects. This creates a layer of separation between the air and the molecules of liquid below the surface layer. It is also called capillary forces, interfacial tension, surface free energy and surface energy.

Surface tension helps many insects to pace on water. Small objects like needles and razors float on water because of the action of this force. Substances like detergents reduce the surface tension of water.
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The surface of a bubble is made up by molecules. The surface tension of a bubble is flexible

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