What Does Husbandry Mean?


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Well when directed at the Beef Industry this refers to the bull selection and my family has been raising cattle in Florida for almost 200 years! So here is a few of the rules.

First year for breeding heifers are kept separate from the cows, for they get a special type of bull for the first time. (Doesn't that sound romantic?)
The Angus Bull throws one of the smallest calves, AT BIRTH, of all the breeds, and you've got a good selection to choose from. Plus you don't want the bull to be too heavy on the heifers or have horns, either!

The heard bull is a market, environment, and preference, choice by breed, and you need to consider the breeds in your cow heard.

The main grade points are 60% this one point and that is the length of the back!!!!! The reason is that is where your steak cuts come from, and the longer the back the more steaks.

Sorry ladies, but the University of Florida has proven the heard bull controls 70% of the calf's qualities, and the best way to improve you heard is through the heard bull.

And that's husbandry basic 101!
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Husbandry is a term used to refer to the act or the practice of both cultivating crops and of the breeding and the raising of livestock; agriculture. It is usually used to refer to animal husbandry. It can also mean applying principles of science to the practice of agriculture, particularly to animal breeding. Husbandry could also be used to refer to careful management or to the conservation of resources; as in economy. The care of a household is an archaic use of the term husbandry.

Thus in general it is applied to the business of a husbandman, which actually means to comprehend the assorted branches of agriculture. More specifically it is used to mean the different types of animal husbandry such as swineherds, shepherds, goatherds and cowherds.

It comes from the Middle English term husbondri; from huseband, meaning husband.

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