What Does Pasture Mean?


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The above answer was good, but it needed some salt and pepper!

There are two basic types of pastures in Florida and those are "improved" and "unimproved."  In Florida on improved pasture you can  one Brood Cow for every 1 1/2 acres, and that is one of the best ratings around.

Out west there can be up around 80 to 120 acres per brood cow. This can vary a lot in some areas. In Florida with just normal care it's the same. Plus 32 gals. Of water a day per brood cow.

You can increase this types of grass, feeding, fertilizer, and mineral licks, and others.

So now that you understand this you can see why Florida was one of the biggest in cattle for years!

And you thought it was just beaches!
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Pasture refers to a field covered with grass or herbage and suitable for grazing by livestock. Here vegetation is naturally-occurring and is dominated by grasses and shrubs. They obtain timely renovation and/or cultural treatments, such as tillage, fertilisation, mowing, and weed control. It is managed to provide feed value and maintain or improve soil, water, and vegetative resources. It is often a part of a farm or ranch.

It was considered as the main source of food for cattle and sheep before the introduction of mechanised farming. Free ranging and organic farming still utilise pasture on a very extensive scale as they can provide much better living conditions for animals. Nowadays pasture management occupies a very important part of agriculture and cattle breeding. Pasture development and management requires knowledge about many aspects of land management, soil management, crop growth, fertilisers, irrigation, weed control, planting and harvesting.

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