What Is The Definition Of Acetone? What Does It Mean?


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Acetone is simplest ketone CH3COCH3, highly inflammable, used as material in making of plastic, as organic solvent, as thinners, paint removers and in lacquers. It is placed as first member in homologous series (aliphatic ketones). Commercially it is produced by dehydrogenation of isopropanol.    It is formed in human blood when body uses fats for energy other than glucose i.e. In case of diabetic mellitus in which cells do not have enough insulin for glucose metabolism. These acetones pass from human body as ketones body in urine. It is also familiar with name pyroacetic spirit which is formed by distillation of certain acetates, or by destructive distillation of certain substances (citric acid, starch, sugar).    Physical properties of acetone includes its molecular weight (58.8), boiling point (56.29 C), vapor pressure (184.5 Torr at 20 C), freezing point (-94.7 C), refractive index (1.3587 at 20 C), density (0.7900 g/ml at 20 C),  dielectric constant (20.7 at 25 C), dipole moment (2.69 D at 20 C), solvent group (6), polarity index (5.1), viscosity (0.36cP at 20 C) and surface tension (23.32 dyn/cm at 20 C).    It is used as important component in making of many polymers (polycarbonates, polyurethanes, epoxy resigns), for storing and safe transportation of acetylene, as thinning (nail polish remover), as cleaning agent (permanent marker) and solvent for plastic and synthetic fiber.
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Acetone is a compound of Ketone family. Ketones are compounds with one carbonyl carbon atom attached with two alkyl groups on both sides. Acetone is also called propanol or dimethyl ketone. It is a colourless chemical which very rapidly evaporating and is highly flammable. Its melting point is -95.4 degree Celsius. It is soluble in chemicals like ethyl alcohol but it is soluble in water as well.

It is a good solvent by its self since it is used in printing industry for dissolving many organic compounds for their better transfer and wetting. It is also used in cosmetic sides for removal of nail polish and because of its good dissolving abilities it could be used as a good solvent for adhesives and also in cases where removal of an adhesive is required from the surface.

Because of its ability to dissolve the acetylene it is also used as a good carrier of acetylene in cases where carrying of higher pressure is difficult or hazardous. However it is not very safe to use or inhale acetone directly it is very hazardous and could influence liver if inhaled directly that is why instead of using 100 % pure acetone a diluted form of acetone is used in industry.
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Acetone is a chemical compound that also goes by the names propanone, dimethyl ketone, 2-propanone and propan-2-one. Acetone is the most simple representative of ketones. It is a colorless, mobile and combustible liquid with the melting point of −95.4 °C. The boiling point of acetone is observed at 56.53 °C and the chemical has a relative density of 0.819, at 0 °C. Acetone is readily soluble in water, ethanol and ether and serves as an important solvent itself.

Acetone is popularly used the world over as an active ingredient in nail polish removers. It is also applied to the manufacture of plastic, fibres and drugs. In addition to being identified and manufactured as a chemical, acetone is also found in a natural state in the environment and in small amounts in the human body.

Acetone is also used as a superglue or strong adhesive remover. It is used as a thinner and for cleaning fibreglass resins and epoxies. It is a good solvent for plastics and synthetic fibres. Acetone is also effective as a cleaning agent, especially when dealing with permanent markers. Also, when it is spread on the back of any laser print or photocopy, it produces the rough ready effect.

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