What Does The Definition Of Tension Mean?


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Oh my god, you don't know what tension means!? It means stress, like I had a lot of TENSION on my mind when my cat died. (I love cats, and I'm a 11 year old boy!) so tension can mean stress. Don't forget it.
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Tension can be defined as the reaction force which is applied by stretched string to the object on which is applied. The direction of the force of the tension is parallel to the string and it is towards the string. It is said that the tension also exists inside the string; if the string is composed of two parts, the tension is the force which is applied on the two parts of the string by each other. A certain amount of tension determines whether the string will break, it also defines the vibrational properties of the string which is used in musical instruments.

The magnitude of the tension (force) also increases with the amount of the stretching done by the string.

In music tension is known as the relaxation or the release which is created on the listener by a certain form of music.
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It means the part of which something tenses up
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Tension refers to stress. It is defined as the mental and physical responses. These responses are to a disparity that is not acceptable between the imagined or real personal expectations and the personal experience of a person. It includes both the physical and the mental components together.

Normally the tensions that are mental result in depression, stress and anxiety. There are two kinds of behaviours that are resultant of the excessive tension. It leads to a ruling of either a kind of positive tension or a negative tension. It may be in the form of either an escape in the form of anxiety or may lead to depression that is the withdrawal of the tension.

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