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Elf is an Old English word, although very similar words exist in Anglo-Saxon and Old Norse. It means a mytholgical creature, a kind of fairy. In folklore, elves were traditionally seen as small people, able to become invisible and often wearing green. On the whole they were imagined as kind, willing to help humans in exchange for small gifts such as milk or clothes. (In an old German folk tale recorded by the Brothers Grimm, a poor shoemaker is helped to become rich by a group of elves; all they ask in return is some tiny shoes and coats.) This idea is still popular today, with the idea of "Santa's elves." Elves were different from goblins, who were seen as mischievous or even cruel.

In Tolkien's famous "Lord of the Rings" tales, elves are seen as much more grand, serious beings, more like gods than the friendly, comical creatures often found in folklore.
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  The word ELF is an abbreviation of Extremely Low Frequency. The word elf also refers to a small imaginary mischievous character in folk-tales, fables and fairy-tales. They appear like human, they have pointed ears and a capricious in nature. You can see them in children movies. You can also see them in cartoons like Penelope Pitstop, etc. Elves are the plural of elf. They are mostly found to be appearing in groups. Elves are always found to be helpful to each other.

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