What Does Infrastructure Mean?


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Hey! I wanted to learn about infrastructure in code for a long time, but I couldn’t find a really good article that would explain it to me, I searched for information on the Internet for a long time and asked experts, but no one could give me a good answer, and recently on one of the forums I recommended this article and it was she who helped me understand how everything works

The fundamental structure of a system or organization. The basic, fundamental architecture of any system (social, political, etc.) determines how it functions and how flexible it is to meet future requirements.  ♥Nassy

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It is the internal make-up of an organization or enterprise. That which makes the entity work or function.
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The underlying base of an organization or any system is referred to as infrastructure. The basic or necessary services or facilities that are required for the smooth functioning of a society are referred to as infrastructure. This infrastructure constitutes the transportation systems like the road network, rail network or waterways or airways. It also consists of the power and water lines and backbone institutions like the schools, colleges, prisons et cetera.

The word infrastructure has a wide application. It used to refer to any underlying system which may be a large network or a small group. Some words that mean infrastructure are: basement, basis, bedrock, bottom, bed, ground, footing, groundwork, substratum, support, seating, lowest point, base, root, pedestal, rest, seat, substructure, and underpinning.
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Infrastructure in calgary for transportation, security, accommodation, airport facilities and economy
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1. The basic structure or features of a system or organization
2. The stock of basic facilities and capital equipment needed for the functioning of a country or area
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It means something... Lol

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