What Does Guerrilla Mean?


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The word guerilla, which means a 'petty war' or a 'little war', is used to define a member who voluntarily joins an irregular armed force that comprises of fighters who combat a stronger force in a territory held by the enemy. Guerillas use tactics such as sabotage and harassment. Another word for a guerilla is the word partisan. It is a term which has been derived from the Spanish language. It is derived from the same root as the Spanish word Guerra, which means war. It is used to describe small groups of combatants.

Guerilla warfare operates with cells. Cells are defined as small, modern and flexible combat groups that do not have a front line. Guerilla warfare is one of the oldest and most traditional methods of asymmetric warfare. Some of the primary contributors to the modern theory of guerilla warfare include Mao Zedong, Wendell Fertig, Vo Nguyen Giap and Che Guevara.

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