What Does Confederation Mean?


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It means to unite e.g when Canada untied all provinces as 1 to make our home/country as one whole. If Canada was not untied as one then we would have different colonies.  Don't WORRY THESES ANSWERS ARE RIGHT BECAUSE I AM GETTING IT FROM A HISTORY TEXT BOOK!!!!!!:)
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A confederation basically is an organization of sovereign states or communities, generally formed via treaty but regularly later taking up a common constitution. Confederation tend to be created for dealing with critical issues, like defence, foreign affairs, foreign trade and a universal exchange, with the central management being there to offer support for all elements.

A confederation, according to contemporary political terms, is generally restricted to a stable union of sovereign states for mutual action in regard to other nations.

The character of the relationship among the entities constituting an amalgamation differs significantly.

Similarly the relationship among the member states and the central government, and the division of power amid them, is highly uneven. A few looser confederations are identical to global organizations, where as tighter confederations may bear a resemblance to federations.
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A confederation on the whole is an organization of sovereign countries or communities, generally formed by treaty but habitually later taking up a widespread constitution.

The dissimilarity in meaning amid a confederation and a federation has emerged in usage over the period of years. Before the US Civil War, both the terms were highly similar, but changing political observations in connection to the character of political unions, particularly as used to the US Constitution, resulted in each of the expressions to afterwards symbolise one of the two rival and contrasting theories of state's rights.

Confederations Day is normally a holiday in confederations, similar to the United States' Independence Day for any body that attained statehood as such. This is usually renamed or colloquially celebrated under a special name.
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A Confederation means an alliance or united block of nations, political organisations, group etc unified or formed for a set purpose or goal.

Synonyms of Confederation include alliance, coalition, league, union, group, confederacy etc.

Confederations are not a very old phenomenon and the states or members within these structures can have a wide variety of possibilities where the relationship between member states is concerned. For instance in some confederations the central authority or government is strong and the structure resembles a federal state where as in others it may be a loose network of member companies operating in different geographic areas.

The Confederate States of America is a good example of such a structure. They finally lost to the Union Army during the American Civil War and the United States of America was born.

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