What Does Oc Mean?


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OC is an abbreviation which stands for a lot of things. It means Optical Carrier which refers to a range of digital acoustic signals that can be transmitted on the SONET (Synchronous Optical Network) fiber optic network.

OC also refers to Officer Commanding of a military unit. In British or commonwealth military parlance, he is a commander of a sub-unit. OC is also the name of a rapper born in Brooklyn New York, who released albums like "Smoke and mirrors" and "Jewelz."

OC is also an acronym for places like Oakland Country in Michigan and Oregon City. Ocean City (OC) is the name of some of the cities in Florida, Maryland and New Jersey.

OC is also an acronym for Oral Contraceptives. They refer to pills which contain progesterone or estrogen taken to prevent pregnancy. Oral contraceptives are also commonly known as birth control pills.
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In fanfiction it means original character as in the author made that particular person themselves.

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