What Does Blount Mean?


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Blount is a common surname. It means fair or blonde. It is blund in Old French and Blunt or blont in Middle English.

Some famous people with the surname Blount are as follows.

Charles Blount was an author as well as a deist. Sir Christopher Blount was the cousin of the first Earl of Devonshire Charles Blount as well as Sir Walter Raleigh's companion; Edward Blount was a publishing partner for the first folio of William Shakespeare's works. Bessie Blount was one of the many mistresses of Henry VIII. Sir James Blount was a minor character in the play Richard III by Shakespeare. The original name of the jazz musician Sun Ra was Herman Blount. Walter Blount, Edward Blount, John Blount, William Blount, Charles Blount are a few of the members of the English peerage with the surname Blount. Blount is also the names of places found in the USA.

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