How Do You Write I Love Myself In Spanish?


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Spanish is always considered to be a very beautiful language. And it does not seem difficult as you and I would think about it. Well, coming to the question, I do have the answer to it. It is simply written as Me gusta yo, wherein Me is pronounced as may.
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If you go to:  { }
then you can translate basic words and short sentences from English to Spanish quickly. But I wouldn't rely on it 100%!

I would say that "I love myself" would be "Me amo" [Me=Myself, Amo=I love]
'Me' is pronounced 'May' and 'Amo' 'ah-mo'.
If you want to say I love You: 'Te amo' or you could say 'Te quiero' which is 'I want you' literally.
[te=tay] [quiero=kee-er-o]
Hope this helps :)

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