How Do You Write How Are You In Spanish?


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Katie Harry answered
To ask 'How are you?' in Espanol, you would say, 'Como estas?'
The person would probably answer with,
'Muy bien. Y tu?'
This means, 'Very well. And you?'
'Estoy bien. Y tu?'
'I am fine, how are you?'

To these, you can say,
'Yo tambien.' (Me too)

Of course, if the meeting is formal, you would converse as:
'Como esta usted?'
'Estoy bien. Y usted?'
'Muy bien. Gracias.' or 'Yo tambien. Gracias.'

To reply that you are just okay (so-so), you would say:
'Estoy mas o menos.'
For, I am not good:
'Estoy mal.'

Hope this helps you.
Adios! :)

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