How Do You Say I Love My Nephew In Spanish?


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To learn how to say "I love my nephew" in Spanish it is easiest to first understand the translations for each word that make up this sentence in Spanish.

Word breakdowns and pronounciation

So firstly we have to cover the "I love" part. This is written as "amo a" in Spanish, and is a masculine noun.

Secondly, "my nephew", which translated into Spanish is "mi sobrino".

Put together, this sentence would read:

"Amo a mi sobrino"

If you break this down phonetically it makes it easier to pronounce so try the following:

Ah-mo-ah-me (I love my) followed by so-bree-no (nephew)

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Alternative way to say I love my nephew

Another acceptable way to say this is spanish would be "Me encanta mi sobrino".

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