How Do You Say 'Love' In Spanish?


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The Spanish word for 'love' is 'amor'. If you want to say 'I love you' in Spanish, you say 'te quiero'. Spanish is a very romantic language, and your Spanish speaking sweetheart will absolutely adore you if you serenade her in Spanish under her balcony/window. Here are some phrases you can use: eres mi amor, yo no puedes vivir sin ti mi querido – you re my love, I cannot live without you my darling. sin ti mi vida ser sin setido, una piscina desesperada del dolor – without you my life would be meaningless, a desperate pool of sorrow. incluso el cielo está infierno si no estás con mí – even heaven is hell if you are not with me. Con ti en mis brazos, soy el rey del mundo! - With you in my arms, I am the king of the world
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Te quiero is used mostly for friends and family, Te amo is used for the love of your life if thats what you are looking for, though many people say te amo to their parents, is normally used for the one you want to spend your life with ( or somebody really special)
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Amor is used for love in Spanish.

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