How Do You Say I Want You In Spanish?


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In Spanish you say "I want you" as " te quiero" or "quiero usted"

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Yo deseo usted ...and if you're in a hurry ... Drop the yo and desea usted will work. If you really really mean it, add mucho. Whoops! I just noticed I typed desea. It should have been deseo. That's important since the o ending designates "I" and the a ending designates "we." He/She might not be that kind of girl/boy.
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Lo siento, senor, pero you no make it right. "Desea" does not designate "we". It means "he, she, or it wants, desires, or would like". And if you put the human as a dirtect object, you need the personal "a" preceeding the human direct object, viz., "Deseo a usted". I may not be speedy gonzales, pero I get around pretty good, no senor?
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Yo quiero tu is the spanish translation
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In spanish you say it as  " te quiero"
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It depends to whom you are talking too. If it is your girlfriend you can say. Te quiero or te. Necesito now it you are talking to a friend you can say the same but the meaning or the way you say it must to be different

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