What Does Swordfish Mean?


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The word swordfish is used to define a large variety of predatory fish which has a long bill which is shaped like a sword at the tip of its snout. Swordfish are well-known for their high speed and their strength. They are also in great demand as they are a good source of food. The flesh of the swordfish is normally served as steaks.

A swordfish is a large toothless marine fish. The upper jaw of a swordfish is long and resembles a sword. These food fish are not completely cold-blooded, in the sense that they can keep their brains and eyes warm. They are found all over the world. They usually feed on the cold ocean floor and come to the surface only at night

The scientific name of the swordfish is Xiphias gladius. It is a large, predatory and highly migratory fish. A marlin, on the other hand, is a fish that has a smooth, round bill in contrast to the long, flat bill of the swordfish. They are elongated fish which are round-bodied and do not have teeth and scales as adults.
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A swordfish is a large marine food fish with the upper jawbone extending in a long swordlike point.
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Swordfish is known as the large fish that is highly migratory; it is a predatory fish that is generally characterized by its long tail, flat bill and its round bill of the marlins. However one of the most famous characteristic of the sword fish is that it has a sword like bill and due to this it is also known as the Gladiator or Gladius. The specie of the swordfish is known as the 'X. Gladius'. The swordfish are the only member of their family Xiphiidae.

The name swordfish can also mean or refer to the USS swordfish, which is the name of the tow submarines that belong to the United States Navy.

Swordfish is also the name of a movie starring John Travolta, Halle Berry and Hugh Jackman.

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