What Does Mertensia Virginica Mean?


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Mertensia virginica is the scientific name of the Virginia Bluebell. It is named by Carolus Linnaeus who named it after the famous German botanist Franz Mertens. The Virginica part of its name it gets from its native state of Virginia in the USA.

It is also called the "Virginia Cowslip","Roanoke Bells" and "Lungwort Oysterleaf". It is usually around twelve to twenty four inches tall. It can be easily identified by its beautiful bell shaped flower which is a gorgeous shade of deep violet. In the eighteenth century this plant was labelled 'Mountain blew cowslip' by John Curtis.

This plant generally flourishes in damp rich and foamy soil. They are found beautifying floodplain forests, upland forests, bluffs and wetlands. These plants grow best in areas that have plenty of shade. Its stem begins curled in shape and then gradually extends as it slowly blooms into an elegant arch which holds up the cluster of blossoms.

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