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Snyder is typically a masculine name which has its roots in Old German. It comes from Schneider which means "tailor". It is thus an occupational name. The 2 variant forms of the name Snyder are Schneider and Snider. It is a popular surname.

Some prominent people who share the surname Snyder include researcher and Australian professor, Allan Snyder; ice hockey player Dan Snyder; soap opera writer Elizabeth Snyder; Canadian Politician Gordon Taylor Snyder; Boston Red Sox pitcher Kyle Snyder; actor John Snyder; Chairman of Six Flags Inc and Washington Redskins owner Daniel M. Snyder; and children's books author Zilpha Keatley Snyder.

It is also the name of a few cities and towns including a Snyder in Nebraska; in New York; in Oklahoma; and in Texas.
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The term snider is an adjective which is used to mean derogatory in a superior, malicious way. The noun form of the word snide or snider is the term snideness while the adverb form of the same is the word snidely.

The adjective snide is used to mean an expressive of contempt. It may be used as a synonym for the terms sneering and supercilious.

The word snider may also be used to refer to the service rifles by that name, originally used in the United Kingdom. It popularly refers to the British .577 Snider-Enfield, which is one of the breech loading rifles. This particular type was one of the most extensively used among the Snider varieties. It was both designed and manufactured by the Royal Small Arms Factory (RSAF) Enfield.
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The name "Snyder" is a boy's name that is of Old German origin. The name Snyder is also used as a surname. As both a surname and a name it is believed to be an occupational one and refers to the profession of "tailor". The name has two different variations including Snider and Schneider. There is another widely held belief that Snyder is an occupational surname of Dutch origin. It was supposed to refer to a person as one who makes outer gourmets. It is believed that the German name is actually spelt as "Schnieder" and not Snyder. Several places are called Snyder including Snyder in Texas, Nebraska, New York and Oklahoma. Several famous people have Snyder as their last name including Dan Snyder the ice hockey player, John Snyder an actor, Zack Snyder a film director and several others.

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