What Does Flipper Mean In Slang?


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Where I'm from girls who are hoes or have sex with more than one guy at the same time is called flippers
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Flipper is referring to a remote control in Slang. Like they say give me the flipper. Remote control is an electronic which is useful to operate the machine without the physical contact. It is also called as a controller/flipper/changer is also used to refer to a remote control for T.V. or other electronics like as music systems and DVD players, and to turn on and off a plug. Remote controls basically are small and wireless handy objects with lot of buttons technically related for various settings like channels, tracks, and volume.

The first wireless remote control was made in 1955. It was called "Flashmatic" worked by a photoelectric cell. But it was unable to detect the light from the source and object. It is very important to have a remote with every electronic device.

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