What Does ''fam'' Mean In Slang?


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The word fam means family in slang. This is basically just a shortened version of the word.

The fact that the word is shorter indicates that the slang term has derived from text, email or instant messaging where time and character space are both short.

Many abbreviations and slang have come from written messages and have translated across to the spoken word, usually amongst young people and teenagers.

One example of this is with the abbreviation lol, this abbreviation means 'laugh out loud' and has been used on internet and other kinds of messaging for the past decade. Only recently, has it started being used in sentences that are spoken in everyday conversation and is now a common and accepted way to express that you find something funny.

There are so many slang words that have found their way into our vocabulary over the years, these have risen along with the use of messaging on the internet and email. There are so many and they are so widely used that some have even been incorporated into the dictionary and recognized as real words.

Only recently, it has been found that back in the 1800s, they too used slang and abbreviations in their written communications. These were usually shortened versions of words or even had the vowels removed from the words so that you could tie together what the word was yourself, without the whole word having to be there. This shortening and abbreviations for written communications date back quite a way.

Here are a few examples of other slang words and abbreviations that are often used in the written form;
  • Lol - laugh out loud.
  • Bev - drink or beverage.
  • BRB - be right back.
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Fam is commonly used in slang as "Brother", "Buddy", "Mate" and so on, in other words 'Fam' can be used in many situations as a greeting or during a sentence; eg. 'Hows it goin' Fam?' or 'Ok Fam'
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It means mate or brother
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This is a pretty common slang. The slang 'fam' is used for greeting your friends in a cool way. Like, for example:

Me: Yo fam, what's up?

Friend: Just chilling, u?

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No that doesnt mean that
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Family, it can also be used when greeting friends. This is the case depending on how close a person is to certain people.  If they are just like family then that may be what they are called.
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Not always family, mostly used like alright fam, whats happenin fam, like a greetin when your talking to a mate or suttin. It can sometimes just be used in a sentence the same as mate.

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