What Does DBI Mean In Slang?


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DBI is a fairly unpleasant slang term - it's certainly not complimentary. Depending on who you consult, it can mean 'Douche Bag Index' or 'Don't Beg It'.

  • Origins of these terms

The use of acronyms as slang terms has grown mainly due to text messaging. With the number of available letters at a premium, and numeric keypads in use, acronyms have become almost essential with new acronyms developing on a constant basis.

Some websites are dedicated to keeping up to date with this use of language. Internet chat sites and messaging services have also developed the use of acronyms with people wanting to communicate as quickly as possible and a degree of excitement coming from developing acronyms.

  • How insulting is that?

Although not particularly pleasant, some of the sting is taken from an insult when it is used in this type of form. Rather than using the full version, the abbreviated version can be viewed slightly less aggressively; although in neither form could it be looked on as a term of endearment.

  • Earliest acronyms?

One of the first acronyms to be developed solely online was ASL- standing for age, sex and location. This developed in early chat rooms and helped people be introduced to each other by finding out the basics about chatters using only a nickname.

LOL became another much recognized phrase - standing for laugh out loud. Developing acronyms has become something of an art form, as commonly used phrases are narrowed down to easily recognized bite sized terms.

  • Is it just teenagers that that use this?

Teenagers are most likely to use terms like DBI but they won't be exclusive users. People in their twenties are also regular users, although as people get older or more mature, they tend to be more expressive and less insulting in their use of language; although some slang terms will inevitably be used.

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