What Does Badger Mean In Slang?


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When you look at slang meanings of words you can get a lot of variation not only from country to country but also dialect to dialect within those countries.

  • To badger someone is to repeatedly ask them to do something which will become annoying.
  • A dealer that travels around dealing in commodities used for food.  It started as someone who bought a grain of rice in one place and sold it in another.
  • In the Canadian Military this is slang for a terrorist, however, the equivalent in the US Military is called a tango.
  • The British use the term badger in the same way that the Americans user the term beaver.  This is because badgers boast striped foreheads with a pink stripe that is known as the labia.

Slang started to be used by specific groups of people.  It started as these groups would talk about things that only meant something to them.  Over time, these terms that were being used would become part of their dialect instead of the common words that were previously used.

To help explain this people have slang to explain their tools that they use in their every day job.  However people in different areas even of the same country can have slang that is the same word but means something else.  An example of this in the UK is fag which is slang for cigarette.  However in America a fag means a homosexual man.
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To dwell on some body or to constantly ask or tell some body something .

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