What Does Seen Mean In Slang?


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  • What does 'Seen' mean in slang?
In slang, 'seen' means 'I see' or 'yes, I understand'. The word may often be used after a person has been told to do something or told about something.

  • Where can I find the definition of other slang terms?
A good website where you can find the definition of slag terms is This website provides the definition of hundreds of slang terms and it is updated on a regular basis because slang and our language is constantly evolving as society changes and we develop new words either to replace older words or for new things in our lives.

  • What is slang?
Slang is a type of language that is informal and constantly evolving. It is a type of language that is more commonly used in informal speech than in writing and most often used by young people and in very informal contexts. It is a collection of words and phrases that are not considered to be standardized in any particular language. Slang words and phrases sometimes stay in use for so long that they eventually become standardized and stop being thought of as slang. This is how our language develops and evolves.

Slang is often something that is associated with young people and can be thought of as a special type of coding that young people use to baffle older generations. Slang is not only used by young people however and is commonly used in older generations and among all social groups. Slang may be frowned upon by some people as lowering the standard of language and making it appear sloppy and unplanned. Slang is often used to describe taboo activities and swearing is sometimes classed as slang so this is part of the reason why it is frowned upon and avoided in formal situations.
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It's like when someone says suttin like I'm going to do this you'd be like seeen or skeen, it's like yeee okay, oh alright.
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See or watch.

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