What Does The Slang Phrase 'Bite Me' Mean?


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Janet Simmons answered
This is just from personal experience in hearing the phrase.....it's a shortened version of "bite my a_ _". Some folks don't like to use words that are perceived as "foul language", so to say the same thing a little more "politely" they used, "bite me!". Again, this is just the way I personally understand the phrase. Hope this helps and good luck finding the true meaning and origin.
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Fred Jones answered
I am not sure of it's origin. I would assume it came from a teenager who at the time could not use foul language but wanted to tell someone off. Instead of using the foul words of F You, it came out bite me.

I would also guess that before it came into this meaning, that it had some other sexual meaning in the form of oral sex but that is total guessing.
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HAHA it means fu** You only in a nicer turm I use it all the time
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It means the same as "screw you."

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