What Does Gaping Mean?


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Gaping is taken from the word agape which means to open the mouth in wonder. It is act of looking at someone in wonder with the mouth wide open in awe and surprise. Gaping is the adjective form of agape. It literally means deep and wide. Gaping indicates a situation where a person is oblivious to himself and his surroundings due to wonder, surprise or shock of what has happened or is happening at the moment. Words like ogle, stare, gawk, gaze and goggle are the synonyms of this word in this context.

Gaping is also a word from gape. A gape is a wide opening. Hence gaping means to be wide or become wide open. It indicates a gap, split, crack, divide or cavernous. A gaping hole is an example of this word in this context. It is something that is incapable of closing fully and entirely.

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