What Does Nip In The Bud Mean?


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To stop something before it comes to fruition.
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The Phrase 'Nip in the Bud' means to put a stop to something that is still in its early phase. This phrase is derived from the common practice pf De budding plants. Formerly the phrase was known as 'Nip in The Bloom'.

The phrase was first cited in Henry Chettle's 'Piers Plainnes Seaven Yeres Prentship' in the year 1595. The Phrase was "Extinguish these fond loues with minds labour, and nip thy affections in the bloome, that they may neuer bee of power to budde."

However the term is used from phrase that first appeared in the year 1607. The original Phrase was ""Yet I can frown and nip a passion Euen in the bud."

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