What Does Feeble Mean?


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The word feeble indicated weakness means weak or the lacking of strength. It refers to the lack of viogour, effectiveness or force. The word feeble is taken from the Middle English word "feble" which was taken from the Old French. It however can be traced back to the Latin words "flebilis" and "flere" meaning "lamentable" and "to weep" respectively.

Feeble can be defined as ineffective or not strong and has a similar meaning to delicate, fragile, frail, decrepit, faint, flimsy, weak, unsound, weakly, puny, insubstantial, infirm etc. The antonyms of feeble include effective, healthy, solid, strong, hardy, hearty, sound etc.

"Her fever had left her so feeble that she needed a hand just to get her to the toilet." This is an example of how the word feeble is used practically.
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Not being as active as you once were,moving slower,memory not as active as it once was, not being as alert as you once were, not enjoying or being able to do the things you use to enjoy or do....good luck  

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