What Does Expend Mean?


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The word or the verb "expend" means to "consume to the fullest" or "use up." The word comes from the Latin word "expendere," which means to "pay out." The word is commonly used in reference to disbursal of money as payment. In this context, the synonyms of the word expend are payout, spend, shell out (informal use), pay, disburse, outlay etc. The word is closely related to its noun "expenditure."

Though the word is used primarily with respect to money, expend can also mean to drain completely or finish in totality. Here is the use of the verb "expend" in a sentence:
Having expended their efforts in finding the Treasure Island, the Famous Five were totally tired.
The word "expend" is usually used with factors like money, time and energy. The first time when the word made its inroads in the English literature was just before the year 1412.

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