What Does Net Pay Mean?


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The word net pay is defined as the net thickness of an oil reservoir. The oil reservoir is capable of producing hydrocarbons. Net pay, in financial terminology, is a word which is defined as the remaining amount after deductions from the gross salary. Net is another word for ultimate.

Examples of net pay are deductions such as income taxes, union dues and authorised deductions for a retirement fund. The phrase total net pay is defined as the amount which is paid to an expatriate. An expatriate is a person who is a native of another country (a foreigner) who works in another country. It must, however, be noted that an expatriate is not the citizen of the country in which he is living and working.

The total net pay consists of the sum of the basic salary which is payable to him or her, his or her expatriation premium and the other allowances, from which the tax equalization factor is deducted.
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Gross Amount is the overall total sum or amount of earnings exclusive of deductions. Net Pay is the remaining amount payable to you after the deduction of all charges such as taxes or expenses or amount already drawn in advance.
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The total amount which have to pay to your creditors
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It means your exact salary
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It means the exact amount of a salary that will pay to the employee after deducting from other charges.
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It is the amount of salary you will get after all the deduction. Usually called take home pay.

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