What Does Ecclesiastes Mean?


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The Ecclesiastes refers to one of the books of the Old Testament of the Bible. The name of this book is a Latin derivation of the Hebrew word for Preacher. It was originally credited to Solomon, although it was obviously written much later than his time. Similarly to Job, the book deals with the subject of certain assertive claims of the Wisdom tradition illustrated by Sirach and Proverbs. Both of them place importance on the likelihood of living a life in accord with divine order.

For the writer of Ecclesiastes, life stands by no order or any sense. All pervading evil and demise are actualities which ridicule all attempts to find sense and aim in life. Furthermore, the objectives of God cannot be comprehended. It begins with the idea that 'all is vanity', pleasure should be taken in existence.
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Cinnamon is wrong.GOD does exist.
Ecclesiastes's author is king solomon,and he was talking about how he mis-treated his GOD given wisdom.....that's what Ecclesiastes is about....his GOD-given wisdom.

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