What Does Eccentric Mean?


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An eccentric person is one whose personality is characterised with the trait of eccentricity. Eccentricity means strange or abnormal mannerisms of a person. According to common perception, this type of attitude may be considered odd or not necessary, although it is not particularly seen as a sign of bad adaptive capabilities.
It may be considered as the opposite of normal or expected behaviour, opposite to the norms to which most of society abides by in day to day life.

Individuals, who exhibit eccentric behaviourisms time and again, are often labelled as eccentrics. They are people who churn out non traditional answers to dilemmas.
Eccentricity is usually connected to genius or very high intelligence. The suggestion of madness in a genius implies unfathomable complex systems at work the rationale behind this concept is that an eccentrics mind is so unique that it cannot conform to excepted norms.
Eccentric means behaviour which is slightly different from normal. The person who behaves erratically and one can never predict what he would do in the next moment. For example it may evoke different reactions for the same thing at different times. Also, most of the times these people are highly successful. A lot of famous artists, musicians are known to be eccentric. They are usually people who are in their own world and do not respond in a normal way to others.
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This means strange, weird behavior
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This question has already been asked and answered. You can find several definitions here q456901.html and if you type your question into the Blurtit search window, you can find more. It's always best to put your question in the search window before asking it, as you will often find some good answers that way.
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Quick definitions (eccentric)

  • noun:   a person with an unusual or odd personality
  • noun:   a person of a specified kind (usually with many eccentricities) (Example: "A friendly eccentric")
  • adjective:   not having a common center; not concentric (Example: "Eccentric circles")
  • adjective:   conspicuously or grossly unconventional or unusual (Example: "Famed for his eccentric spelling")

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    According to Merriam Webster Dictionary its meaning is
    1 a: deviating from an established or usual pattern or style <eccentric products>

    For more meanings click here.

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