What Does Dracula Mean In English?


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It means son of the dragon
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"Vlad, or Dracula, was born in 1431 in Transylvania into a noble family. His father was called "Dracul," meaning "dragon" or "devil" in Romanian because he belonged to the Order of the Dragon, which fought the Muslim Ottoman Empire.

"Dracula" means "son of Dracul" in Romanian. Therefore young Vlad was "son of the dragon" or "son of the devil." Scholars believe this was the beginning of the legend that Dracula was a vampire."

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The word Dracula is an honorary title and means 'Son of the Dragon'. Vlad III was Dracula's real name. His father was Vlad II. King Sigismund became the Holy Emperor of Hungary in 1410. This king set up a secret order of knights to defend his Empire from the Ottoman Turks and uphold Christianity. This order of knights was Order of the Dragon. It had its emblem which was a dragon with his wings extended and it hung on a cross.

Vlad II was knighted as the knight of this Order by King Sigismund, in 1431. Thus, Vlad II started wearing the emblem of the dragon. The people of the nation feared Ottoman Turks. Vlad II fought the Turks and was called Vlad Dracul. Drac means 'dragon' in Romnain language and 'ul' is a definite article. Ulea in Romanian means 'son of'. Thus, Vlad Dracula was called 'son of the dragon'. The word Dracul could also mean 'devil'.

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