What Does Pleurisy Mean?


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Pleurisy is defined as an inflammation of the lining of the chest cavity or the pleura and the surface of the lungs which causes adhesions between the chest wall and the lungs. Another name for the same disease is pleuritis. It is caused by several contagious or non-contagious diseases.

Its symptoms include dry cough, fever, chills, shortness of breath, severe weight loss, poor appetite, inability to breathe deeply and a stitch or pain in the affected side. If pigs are inflicted with pleurisy there is a good chance that they will suffer from pneumonia as well.

Famous people that succumbed to pleurisy include Charlemagne, Emperor Constantine IX, Francis Scott Key, Anna Pavlova, William Henry Harrison and Enrico Caruso among others.
Famous people that have survived this disease include Ringo Starr, Catherine the Great, Mike Nolan, Robert Cheesebrough and Koichi Tohei.

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