What Does Sclerosis Mean?


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The word sclerosis, in medical terminology, is defined as a condition in which the organs which are within the nervous system of the human body, particularly the brain and the spinal cord, harden. Sclerosis is the name of the condition which results from the degeneration of such elements of the nervous system as the myelin sheath.

Sclerosis is characterised by the hardening of the tissues of the nervous system due to the inflammation of diseases. Multiple sclerosis, which is abbreviated as MS, is defined as the condition of sclerosis in which the body replaces the quantity of myelin which is lost around the CNS nerve cells with scar tissue.

The inflammation which causes the hardening of the soft tissues of the nerve tissues is usually chronic. The word sclerosis is derived from the Greek word skleros, which means hard. Other causes which result in sclerosis include the deposit of mineral salts and the infiltration of connective tissue fibres.
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Sclerosis means scarring, not hardening, therefore Multiple Sclerosis means multiple scars or scarring. Take it from one who has MS.

The myelin sheath (the fatty covering on the nerves) is damaged leaving scars, scleroses. What disabilities or challenges you experience have only to do with where the damage has occurred on the nerves.

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