What Does Defend Mean?


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Defend has its origin in Latin and is taken from the word dēfendere. Dēfendere means to ward off. It was then adapted into Old French as defender. Later, it was taken by Middle English as defenden. Defend means to make or keep someone or something safe from danger or attack. In sports, defending a goal or area of a field means preventing the opposite team from scoring. Defend could also mean to support or maintain an argument or to justify.

Some of the words that are synonymous to defend are: forfend, fend, shield, shroud, engarrison; screen, fend round (circumscribe), fence, guard (keep safe), guard against; take care of (vigilance), in trench, bear harmless. Fend off, keep off, ward off, beat off; hinder are some other synonyms provided by the Roget's Thesaurus. Hold at bay or keep at bay and keep arm's length are some of the phrases that mean defend.

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