What Is Decision Making?


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Decision making is an art which need to be done scientifically. We may have to take decisions on smaller to larger scale. It is up to us that how we are deciding about things. The decisions can be of many types. They can be social, financial, educational, moral and others. So it is up to situations that what sorts of things are there and how we have to interact with them.
Decision is a thing upon which a lot many other things depend.
We cannot take a decision abruptly. It is not a child's play. We are supposed to consider a couple of factors during decision making. We may do wonders if we take a correct decision otherwise we would be accountable for destruction as a result of our decision. Sometimes we are supposed to decide after having say of a couple of individuals or groups. This can make our work easy if we take them positively otherwise they will be a hurdle on the road of our decision making.

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