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A concept is an idea or an area of thought. A concept is formed in the mind and often has positive connotations that relate to progression, new ideas, new brands and new products. When a person first thinks of something, it is just a concept, but when a concept is brought to life it is usually a welcome creation. Concepts can be expressed in language and externalised by writing and drawings.
In music, a concept album is an album that is unified by a theme, which can be instrumental, compositional, narrative, or lyrical. Commonly, concept albums tend to incorporate preconceived musical or lyrical ideas rather than being improvised or composed in the studio.
You may often hear of ‘Concept Cars’ which is just one or two cars that are built to establish whether or not the idea works and how it is perceived by the public. Someone will think of the concept for the car and design it but the car company will not begin mass producing them until they have established that the public likes them and are prepared to buy them. It also gives the company the opportunity to work out any problems before they go into mass production.
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A general idea derived or inferred from specific instances or occurrences.
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A concept is basically a unit of thought that is present in the human mind. It can also be defined as an idea that takes root in the mind of an individual. It could be a thought, a notion, an idea, a scheme or a plan that is formed in the mind. A concept may also refer to ideas or views regarding a particular subject that are already embedded in an individuals psyche. For instance "Her father's concept of morality does not allow Mary to stay out late at her age". It is to be exact an abstract idea.

Concepts have a unique quality; since they exist in the mind they can transcend language barriers. For an Englishman money means Pounds, for a European Euros, for an Indian Rupees so on so forth. But the underlying concept is the same.

The word concept comes from the Latin word "conceptus" which means "to conceive".
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Concept means to play along with a flute band with your shoe laces in a bow and holding in you left hand a dod of Plasticine I hope this does not complicate the word!!

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