What Does Interpersonal Mean?


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An interpersonal relationship is defined as a long term association between two or more people. The association is based on emotions like love, liking, business interaction etc.

Interpersonal relations take place in some of the following contexts:
  • Family
  • Friends
  • Marriage
  • Church
  • Sports Ground
  • Bar
  • Neighborhoods
  • And other social groups
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Simply means how you communication with others. This is often important and sought after by employers.
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Interpersonal is used in terms of relations. Interpersonal associations are social relations, connections, or affiliations among two or more individuals. They differ in contrary levels of understanding and sharing, entailing the detection or founding of common ground, and may be centred just about something(s) common in general. The learning of relations is of unease to sociology, anthropology and psychology.

There are various types of relationships. The first kind of relationship is kinship relationship. This includes family relationships or relations by blood. The second type is formalized close relationship or long term associations through regulation and communal ceremony. The third kind is Soul mates, persons who are closely drawn to each other through a positive meeting of the intellect and who find shared acceptance and sympathetic with one another. The others include friendships, casual relationships, brotherhood etc.
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I would define it as the way two or more individuals conceive what is between them; their interaction; relationship, communication, etc. Basically what someone's thoughts may conclude to about their connection between another person, I think.

Interpersonal means: of or pertaining to the relations between persons. (or) existing or occurring between persons.

A concept is: a general notion or idea; conception.

I always break the problem down; analyize it and I usually can figure out the meaning or the answer. Hopefully that did you some good, or gave you a start anyway... if I interpreted the question correctly.

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