What Does Date Of Conception Mean?


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The date of conception is the point when a woman becomes pregnant. It specifically refers to the time when a man's sperm fertilises a woman's egg. This begins the pregnancy in the woman and culminates in the birth of a baby. There are many stages in the process, which eventually leads to conception. At the point of conception sperm enters the woman whilst the man's penis is in the woman's vagina. Sperm can live for up to seven days in the female body. An egg is released from the ovaries and can live for 12-24 hours. The woman is said to be ovulating when the egg is released. If an egg is fertilised it travels to the womb and attaches itself to the lining, which is known as the endometrium.
     Just one egg is released each month. Leading up to this time the endometrium layer is prepared to accept the egg. This period is called the menstrual cycle. If, when it is released, the egg is not fertilised then the lining of the uterus slips out from the female. The process where the lining is ejected is commonly known as a period. When an egg is fertilised it slowly travels to the womb, but whilst it is doing this it is also releasing hormones. These hormones tell the uterus not to eject the endometrium.
     It is hard to know exactly when a woman is ovulating, but it is usually about fourteen days after the first day of her previous period. If a man and woman have sex the day before ovulating begins it should give the sperm enough time to reach the egg that has been released. This would be the time that gives the greatest possibility of conception.
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A lot of people have misconceptions regarding the day of conception. It is not the day you have intercourse and the sperm meets the egg. It could be it, but the sperm does not necessarily meet the egg on the same day of the intercourse. The sperm can live inside the female body for up to 3 days before it fertilizes the egg. There is no way of finding out the exact conception date or time. The conception can happen on any of these three days or even at the time when the intercourse has just ended.
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My last period was November 20th 2013. I didint have sex from November 20th until December 2nd. December 2nd is the first day I had sex again .my due date was august 27th my son was born on august 30th. I think I conceived in December 4th because my periods are normal 5 days every month my period comes like clock work but in December I never got a period . Am I about right or was I pregnant later in December
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It means it is the time for which you can get pregnant. Example: Your conception time is 7-10 days after your last period.
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Conceive month if the last period date is 04/06/2010
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If I'm seven weeks pregnant on the 15/02/2011, what would the conception date most likely be?
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It means the time you have intercourse
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The word conception is defined as a concept. A conception, when the term is used in the context of a concept, is defined as an abstract or general idea which is either inferred or derived from specific instances. The term conception is also defined as the act of becoming pregnant. It is used in the context of the act of fertilisation of an ovum by a spermatozoon.

The word conception basically means creation. It refers to an event which has taken place at the beginning of another event. The word conception is the noun form of the verb to conceptualise, which means to invent or to create something in one's mind. Therefore the term conception also means an invention or the act of creation of something in one's own mind. In the process of reproduction, the word conception refers to the point at which an egg is fertilised by a sperm.

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