What Does Jung Mean By "Personality Type"? How Is This Concept Different From The Personality Type Concept That Comes From Freudian Theory?


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Jung believe that the ego is everything of which a person is conscious.  The ego is concerned with the thinking process, feeling, remembering, and perceiving.  The ego is responsible for seeing that the functions of everyday life are carried out.  The ego is also responsible for our sense of identity and our sense of continutity in time.  Jung didn't believe that the stages of development were important such as Frued, he mostly spoked about it in general terms.  Jung defined the stages in terms of the focus of libidinal energy.  Jung disagreed with Frued abou the nature of the libido.  Frued beleived that the libido was mainly sexual in nature and how it was invested within the five years of life was determined by a large extent on what a individual adult personality would be like.  He also believed that libidinal energy was directed simply toward whatever was important to the individual at the time and what was important changed as a function of a person's maturation.  (submitted by:  Denise Fennell, Philadelphia, PA)

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