What Does Defective Mean Right Out Of The Dictionary?


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Defective is used to describe something that is faulty and has a defect. For example: Defective machine. Defective could also be used to indicate that something does not have a normal function, structure, intelligence or behaviour. For example: Defective speech. It is offensively to indicate a person who is physically or mentally challenged. In grammar, defective is used to mean speech or writing that lacks one or more inflected forms for a certain category of a word.

Words that are synonymous to defective are damaged, deficient, faulty, abnormal, amiss, imperfect, inadequate, flawed, glitched, gremlins, and impaired. Incomplete, insufficient, injured, lacking, poor, retarded, subnormal, or unfinished or unhealthy or unsound, wanting, awry bad, crooked, confused, erring, inaccurate, inappropriate, incorrect, mistaken, sick, unfair, unlawful and false could be some other synonyms for defective.

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