What Does Benito Mean In English?


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Benito, meaning 'the blessed one' is a popular name given to boys. Very frequently it is also found to be a second or family name at times. It is supposed to be derived from Baruch, which is pronounced as "Bar-ook" and "Benedict".

Several languages across western countries use their own version for this particular name such as in English – Benedict, French – Benoit, Italian – Benedetto and in Spanish – Benoit.
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The name Benito is a name for a male, originated from Latin meaning 'blessed'. The most famous person bearing this name till date has been Benito Mussolini, Italian dictator during the time of the Second World War. In his youth he was an avid socialist and was the editor of the socialist party journal, Avanti! However, he was thrown out from the party when took sides with the opposition in the First World War. He then established and became the editor of another newspaper, Il Popolo d'Italia.

He was a strong advocator of governing through dictatorship and established a political set in the year 1919 which marked the rise of Fascism. He is accredited to be the youngest Prime Minister in Italian history. He became known as Il Duce which meant 'the leader' by his followers.
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It means special it has its own personality trait like pretty.
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