What Does Bisque Mean?


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'Bisque' denotes five different things. Rich and creamy soup that makes use of fish, meat, or even shellfish is called 'bisque'. This soup can be made from vegetables purees. This mouthwatering dish is also called bisque. Bisque is an ice cream which is garnished with macaroons or nuts. Bisque can mean biscuit or clay that has not been glazed even after going through the fire process.

Bisque denotes a colour that is light orange-yellow or yellowish-gray. The colours including and ranging between pale yellowish-pink and grayish yellow that are mostly used in industries are termed 'bisque'. Bisque also means an advantage given to a handicapped or inferior player in games like tennis, croquet and golf. Bisque could also mean biscuit. Biscuit is small baked bread that is leavened using baking powder or soda. The word 'biscuit' or 'bisque' is used to denote a colour which is pale brown or light brown and is called 'biscuit colour'.

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