What Does Ave Mean?


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Actually, "bird" in latin is "avis" not aves.
Ave in latin means "hail"
hail, as in rule. Not hail as in weather.
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Simply put, "aves" is a Latin word for "bird." When we talk about aves, we mean a category of animals comprising of birds which are warm-blooded vertebrates. Aves lay eggs, have feathers, are bipedal (two legged) and most of them are capable of flying. The front limbs are modified into wings. Birds are known to have evolved from a certain group of reptiles known as archosaurs. Aves have a keen sense of sight and hearing. One unique quality which they have is the capability to migrate long distances.

Aves Island is a small island situated in the Caribbean Sea, Venezuela. The island comprises of sand mainly, and has minimal vegetation. It is mostly isolated and filled with wildlife like birds (no prizes for guessing!) and turtles.

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