What Does AVE Stand For?


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AVE is the acronym for Alta Velocidad Espanola. In English, it is literally translated as Spanish High Speed. Ave, however, also means bird in Spanish. The AVE is a train that travels at very high speeds of upto approximately 300 kilometres per hour on a dedicated track. There are three corporations that make these trains run on the national high-speed network. These are Talgo from Spain, Siemens from Germany (which make the ICE high-speed trains in Germany) and Alstom from France (which make the TGV).

Ave is also a Latin term. It is used as a salute by the Romans. The Latin word Ave means hail. The Ave Maria is a famous prayer. Ave is defined as a mass of snow that blows and gets transported by the wind over the season when snow is accumulated across the wind per unit of width. Ave is the average value of a particular parameter. These parameters may be voltage or current. The time average of the field is also known as ave.

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