What Does Autotrophic Mean?


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An autotrophic organism is an organism that has the capacity to fulfil its need for nutrients that contain carbon. They do so by the processes of fixation, reduction and incorporation of carbon dioxide from the environment. Green plants obtain their energy from sunlight. This process is known as photosynthesis. It represents a major group of autotrophic organisms. Autotrophic is a Greek word which means self-feeding.

Plants are the most common examples of autotrophic organisms because they are capable of making their own food. The food prepared by an autotrophic organism allows the organism to sustain itself and grow independently of the external sources of nutrients or external factors which aid their growth.

Some varieties of bacteria are also considered to be autotrophic organisms. They make their own food using inorganic substances such as nitrogen and carbon dioxide. These organisms use sunlight to prepare their food and create organic food without resorting to the consumption of other animals or organisms.

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