What Does Bonded Mean?


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Bonded means placed below, or enclosed by, a bond, as for the compensation of duties, or for agreement to certain set of laws. Bonded is an enforced practice.    In chemistry, two chemicals are bonded due to the attraction of atoms.    Any two things can be bonded. According to dictionary, bonded means linked or connected in some way or the other. In terms of occupational terminology, an employer is bonded if the employer has procured some kind of insurance from a bonding corporation to protect their clients from losses caused by the employees. Bonded means placed under or covered by a bond as for the payment of duties or for conformity to certain regulations.    Bond can be a tie up or an agreement to a certain set of laws as per the bond signers will. Bonded goods are the dutiable goods upon which duties have not been paid, i.e. Goods in transfer or warehoused awaiting customs approval.

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